Swedish Art Festival 2018(Ended)

公開日 2020年11月13日

更新日 2021年11月23日


Purpose of the exhibition

2018 (Heisei 30) is the 150 years after the naming of Hokkaido and the establishment of Sweden-Japan diplomatic relationships. We hold this Swedish Art Festival to celebrate the anniversary year and create opportunities in which the Swedish artists and Otaru citizens have an international friendship through art. Japan-Sweden150thAnniversaryOfficialSite(外部サイト)

We invite Swedish artists to prepare for this art event from July 10 and create mutual understandings while we assist them for displaying their works, making installations.,etc, with citizens, artists, students, and volunteers. The exhibition is mainly that of modern pictures,installations.,etc., in Otaru City Museum of Art, its' yard and along with the former Temiya Railroad Track. We have experience-based workshop and gallery talk by artists in which citizens, tourists, and children can participate and create opportunities when many citizens and tourists can touch the heart of high-quality international arts as well as contributing to the promotion of Hokkaido in the international phase.

●Theme: Trinus which means a travel.


UppsalaKOMMUNFrom July 21 to September 16, 2018 (Heisei 30)

Open hours: 9:30-17:00 ( admission by 16:30)

Closed day: Monday, Tuesday, and August 14


Participating Artists


Kajsa Haglund

Johan Fremling

Anders Rönnlund

Katarina Jönsson Norling

Sanne Shim 

Narek Aghajanyan

Shizuko Ono


Maiko Kawakami (an actress, glass designer, and Otaru City Sightseeing Ambassador)

MaikoKawakamiWork(MaikoKawakami):POWDERSNOW Work: POWDERSNOW

Cooperative Planner of Events

Haruka Doden (a writer, Otaru City Sightseeing Ambassador)

 HarukaDodenWork: Display of poems on photographic panels


Hokkaido,ExpandingHorizons.Outside Installation is for free
Museum Exhibition Charge
general 600 yen (480) / high school student and elderly people 300(240) yen / under junior high student is free.
() Groups rate more than 20


Support and Financial Aid


Hokkaido, Hokkaido Government Board of Education, Otaru City, Swedish Embassy,Hokkaido international exchange, Cooperation Synthesis Center, Sweden Interchange Center, Hokkaido-Sweden association,
Otaru City Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Otaru Tourism Association, Otaru University of Commerce, Otaru City Museum of Arts’ Cooperative Society, Otaru Artists’ Association, Otaru Art village,

Financial Aid

Ku-chanLotterysocialcontributionproject(外部サイト)Region Uppsala, Uppsala KOMMUN, Scandinavia Japan Sasakawa foundation, Hokkaido International Exchange, Cooperation Synthesis Center, Nitori Hokkaido Support Fund, Self-government Synthesis Center, Earth Wing Project

Related Events

Talk event

The date and time:14:00 to 15:30 on July 21, 2018
Place: Former Suhara Residence (Otaru City designation landmark architecture 8-1, Shinonomecho, Otaru City)
<Part 1>
"Our art"
Lecturer: Swedish Artists

<Part 2>
"Charms of glasses, Sweden and Otaru"
Lecturer: Navigator, Maiko Kawakami (actress, glass designer, Otaru City Sightseeing Ambassador)
※Notify how to apply later

Art Workshop for Children

13:30 to 15:00 on July 22, 2018
Lecturer: Swedish Artists
Place: Otaru City Museum of Art
"We enjoy Swedish Fika after the workshop"
Notify how to apply later

Gallery talk

13:30 to 14:30 on July 25, 2018
Place: Exhibition room of Otaru City Museum of Art (Second Floor)
Lecturer: Participating Artists

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